Arts, Sciences, et Cours sur Grand-Marrakech

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La sélection Arts, Sciences, et Cours de Grand-Marrakech

Voici la liste des Arts, Sciences, et Cours à Grand-Marrakech. Ce sont les activités Arts, Sciences, et Cours publiées sur les 235 communes de Grand-Marrakech
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How Are You  (Adassil, )
How Are You est listé dans Activités sociales et humanitaires. ...
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Medina  (Marrakech, 40 000)
It's entirely up to you how you discover Medina. Some suggest to hire a guide, others say that the best way is through own experience, walking in historical neighborhoods and ...
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Menara Gardens  (Marrakech, 40 000)
They've been there since around 750 years before man took to the air – like the Agdal, the Menara Gardens were laid out by the Almohads in the 12th century. ...
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Saadian Tombs  (Marrakech, 40 000)
There are three ornate pavilions at Saadian Tombs, one containing the graves of 18th-century Alaouite princes, one notable for its portal in Andalucian style, and one – known as the ...
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Ourika Valley  (Marrakech, 40 000)
There are also a few villages where visitors can see genuine rural activities, and the hard work of the Berber people in the Ourika valley. On the climb towards the ...
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Splash Rafting Morocco  (Marrakech, 40 000)
Splash Rafting Morocco provide all transportation to the river, so just make sure you make it to our meeting, near the Koutoubia Mosque close to the Medina, on time. They’ll ...
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Dar Bellarj  (Marrakech, 40 000)
North of the entrance to the Ben Youssef Medersa is a large wooden door in the crook of the alley emblazoned with a bird's head: this is Dar Bellarj, the ...
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Koutoubia Mosque  (Marrakech, 40 000)
Al-Koutoubiyyin means librarian, and the name of the Koutoubia Mosque is derived from this term. The mosque was once surrounded by sellers of manuscripts, hence the name. Today, this is ...
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Ben Youssef Medersa  (Marrakech, 40 000)
Entered via a long, mysterious corridor and centred around an impressively tranquil courtyard, the Ben Youssef Medersa is a former Quranic school that was founded in the 14th century, expanded ...
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Maroc-Expe Rando Quad  (Marrakech, 40 000)
Trust Maroc-Expe Rando Quad for a safe, comfortable and secure experience. Their friendly staff and knowledgeable guides will bring visitors an exciting time filled with unforgettable memories. ...
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El Badi Palace  (Marrakech, 40 000)
A lavish proposition, Badii Palace is the product of wealth attained via victories against Portugal and dripping with gold from recently captured Timbuktu, it was sacked less than a century ...
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Bahia Palace  (Marrakech, 40 000)
The palace was built principally by Bou Ahmed, a powerful vizier to the royal court in the 1890s and a man of 'no particular intelligence, but of indomitable will, and ...
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